We are Dedicated Micros DVR Service Specialist. We service, update, upgrade and overhaul all of the
Dedicated Micros Digital Video Recorders including the IP/Network DVR's. If needed we can expedite  
your repairs in 1 to 2 business days. We will provide rush service at no extra cost to you. We also
will  upgrade your DVR with the latest available software.

  • If you lost your password on a DM DVR we can reset to the default.
  • Repair on all Desktop & Rack mountable Dedicated Micros
  • If a client requests we can upgrade most DVR’s to large internal storage
  • We can replace/upgrade the obsolete ATA Hard Drives with a new SATA Hard Drives.
  • Replace or rebuilt your old power supply.
  • Replace cooling fans with new & quieter fans if needed
  • We can repair or replace most Motherboard if necessary
  • Bench test all DVR for minim of 24 hours
  • We offer 6 months warranty on all of our repairs.


At PAGE TV-CCTV Repairs, we can upgrade any of the BX2 series DVR’s with the new style SATA
Hard Drive caddies and we can install larger Hard Drives as per the client’s request.
We also will update the unit with the latest available software. On all the models of Dedicated Micros
DVR’s listed below, we can upgrade the Hard Drives with lager "SATA" one, replace the cooling fans
and upgrade the unit with the latest software available. Our Certified Electronics Technicians (CET)
can repair any of the  models listed below:

D4, ECO4, ECO09, ECO16, BX2, BX2P, EcoSense
Digital Sprite 2, DS2, DS2A, DV-IP, TransVu
Dedicated Micros IP DVR Repair
Update / Upgrade Service